Assembly Instructions for Sesam Wall bed mechanism.
1. Rise the bed to the wall as it will stand in vertical position. Put the T-legs in the corners. See picture 1.

2. Press the angel iron against the beds bottom. Screw the five screws on each T-leg. Now, you are finished with the T-legs. See picture 1.

3. Foot legs
Place the foot legs angel iron as on the picture 2. Press the angel iron and screw the five screws. You are ready with the foot legs . See picture 2.

4. Bed linen strap
Measure the length needed and cut the strap in suitable lengths. Be generous with the length because you must allow for bed linnen. Tack the straps on the inside..
See picture 2.

5.  Safety straps
The bed will rest in vertical position by itself. But it might lure children to climbings games. So, to prevent accidents safetystraps are supplied. The straps should be tacked in the same place and way as bed linnen straps. Hooks and plugs should be mounted in the wall at such a height that the children will not easily reach them standing on the ground.

The bed in upstanding position.