How long does it take until I get my wall bed mechanism?
It should be with you within 4 working days from date of order.

What distance is there between the bed and the wall in the open position
Approx 5 cm.

How high will the bed be in sleeping position?
The gap between the floor and the underside of the bed is 20 cm .

How high will the bed be in the folded position?
Add 5 cm to the length of the bed.

Can you place two beds next to each other?

Can the wall bed mechanism be used horizontally as well as vertically?

Does the wall bed mechanism fit all bed sizes?

How heavy is the bed to fold up?
The wall bed mechanism takes up half the weight and this becomes lighter as it is raised.

Is there a quarantee?
The Sesam wall bed mechanism is produced with Swedish steel and has a 5 years material guarantee.

How far does the wallbed protrude into the room?
Normally 18 cm + the height of the mattress. This can be 12 cm less if you screw it to the floor.

Does the bed stand upright by itself?
Yes, but in case there are small children around ( that may like to climb on the bed! ) we recommend using the safety straps that are included.

Do you have to drill holes in wall or floor?
No, take a look at our mounting instructions.